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Will Low Interest Rates Boost Demand For Housing?

So far, all indications are that consumers will continue to shun debt. Over the past three years, American consumers have steadily reduced their debt. When people fear for their jobs, or don’t have jobs, or enough employment, they’re unlikely to … Continue reading

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Recession Reshapes California’s Housing Market

Americans are no longer thrilled to extend their debts. For the last six months, the amount we owe on credit cards, auto loans and other forms of consumer loans dropped, according to the Federal Reserve. That’s the longest decline since … Continue reading

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Sell Or Refinance

From AZStarNet: Q: I purchased a 2000 Acura Integra in April of 2007. The purchase price was $10,409 at an interest rate of 15.99 percent. My credit was great at the time I bought it. The value of the car … Continue reading

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Subprime Consumer Lending

Product Description: The subprime lending market is growing rapidly due to the use of securitization and the attempts of lending institutions to boost their client pool. This book gives readers a working, up-to-date knowledge of subprime consumer lending. It provides … Continue reading

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Refinancing Your Car Loan

From Best Syndication: If you have been hasty in selecting your auto financing, refinance car loan can help you reduce those monthly installments and get you a much lower rate of interest. This loan is that you acquire a new … Continue reading

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