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Mortgage Borrowing Costs Must Rise

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are raising their fees for mortgage insurance, reducing Fannie and Freddie’s reliance on taxpayer subsidies. The trend is for a pullback in government support for mortgages. This is part of the overall pullback in government … Continue reading

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A Good Time To Buy A Home?

Brooke writes: House prices continue to fall in America as the fall-out from the subprime mortgage borrowing problems remain unresolved and are combined with ongoing global uncertainty. This potent mix means that the largest banks in the United States are … Continue reading

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Behind The Scenes Of The Housing Crisis

Report: In a market economy vulnerability stems from bad credit, low savings and low income. Recent data from the Mortgage Bankers Association show that prime borrowers are increasingly late and missing mortgage payments. Millions rely on rising debt, lottery tickets, … Continue reading

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Did The Markets Fail?

Roger Lowenstein writes: The mortgage and banking crisis of 2008 feels diametrically different. What failed this time were markets. The lenders who were supposed to regulate mortgage borrowing — and the credit-rating firms who monitored them — failed utterly. Rodriguez … Continue reading

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Cash Out Refinancing

From Worldmag.com: The present housing situation and its cousin, mortgage financing, have provided the catalyst for an important discussion for believers: What should our home mortgage borrowing look like? The most common occurrence in the last five years was for … Continue reading

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