Federal Mortgage Rescue Plan Puny

From the New York Times:

WASHINGTON — Fewer than 2,000 homeowners at risk of foreclosure have been helped by a Federal Housing Administration program that President Bush promised would help homeowners who had fallen behind on their mortgage payments, federal housing statistics show.

F.H.A. officials have asserted in recent weeks that more than 150,000 people have benefited from the program, which was intended to help troubled homeowners refinance into stable, government-issued loans. But the vast majority of participants have been homeowners who have made their mortgage payments on time, not the borrowers in crisis who were the targets of the president’s plan, the statistics show.

Housing officials, who initially expected that 60,000 or more delinquent borrowers would benefit, say they greatly overestimated the demand from troubled homeowners.

But they say the program, known as F.H.A. Secure, has helped people who were anticipating difficulties in paying their mortgages. Democratic lawmakers estimate that at least 1.5 million people have fallen behind on their mortgage payments. Yet from October 2007 through the end of March, only 1,729 delinquent mortgages were refinanced by F.H.A., housing statistics show. Officials project that 4,000 such mortgages will be refinanced by the end of September.

Scott Stern of Lenders One, an alliance of mortgage bankers based in St. Louis, called the program’s record with the neediest homeowners “a tragedy.”

The program needs to be helping people who need the help immediately.”

Housing officials say they have worked hard to reach such borrowers. In August, the program was tailored toward low-income homeowners who were falling behind because of interest rate increases on their adjustable-rate mortgages. Only 43,397 conventional loans were refinanced in the period a year earlier, statistics show.

This month, the Bush administration announced that it would broaden the eligibility criteria for F.H.A. Secure to help larger numbers of troubled homeowners.

Under the original program announced in August, homeowners were eligible to refinance only if they were current on their mortgages before their interest rates spiked. Officials say the change would allow an additional 100,000 people to refinance this year.

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