Are Minorities Responsible For The Subprime Crisis?


By golly, it’s those low-income minorities! Those values have plummeted because borrowers are defaulting on their mortgages at much higher rates — a trend that will likely worsen as the real estate bubble deflates.
At the center of the controversy are subprime mortgages, which are issued to borrowers deemed more risky than usual. Minorities did receive disproportionate percentages of subprime loans. Blacks make up 10 percent of home borrowers but account for 19 percent of subprime loans, according to a report cited in the New York Times. Hispanics make up 14 percent of borrowers but account for 20 percent of subprime loans.
As bad as the losses may be on the defaulted mortgages themselves, the losses on the securities made up of these mortgages are frighteningly catastrophic. Leverage is what financial geniuses call borrowing to buy securities or other assets. We are suffering now not simply because people are defaulting on their mortgages. Two final points about minorities and mortgages: Government studies and independent analyses have shown that a shockingly high number of prime-qualified minority borrowers are steered toward higher-cost loans.

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