Corporate Credit Demand Falls

From Bloomberg:

The London interbank offered rate that banks charge each other for loans rose for a fourth day, driving a gauge of cash scarcity among banks to a record. The biggest drop in financial short-term debt outstanding since at least 2000 caused the U.S. commercial paper market to tumble 5.6 percent to a three-year low, according to the Federal Reserve.
Leveraged loan prices plunged to all-time lows, short-term debt markets seized up and even the safest company bonds suffered the worst losses in at least two decades as investors flocked to Treasuries. Credit markets have frozen and money-market rates keep rising even after central banks pumped an unprecedented $1 trillion into the financial system.
Commercial banks and bond dealers borrowed $348.2 billion from the Fed as of yesterday, an increase of 60 percent from the prior week amid the worsening credit freeze.
Stocks Fall
The yield on two-year notes tumbled 19 basis points, or 0.19 percentage point, to 1.62 percent, according to BGCantor Market Data.
Rates on three-month Treasury bills fell 20 basis points to 0.6 percent. Interbank Rates
Interbank rates have soared as financial institutions hoard cash to meet future funding needs amid deepening concern that more banks will collapse. Three-month Libor rose 6 basis points to 4.21 percent.
The Libor-OIS spread, the difference between the three-month dollar rate and the overnight indexed swap rate, widened to a record 260 basis points today. Libor for euros advanced 3 basis points to a record 5.32 percent. Caterpillar, GE
GE borrowed overnight commercial paper today at a range of 0.25 percent to 0.75 percent, “well below” Libor, according to the company.
The European Central Bank today offered $50 billion of overnight funds at a marginal rate of 2.75 percent. The Swiss National Bank awarded $9 billion. The Bank of England sold $8.9 billion.
Rate Cut
The target rate is currently 2 percent.

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