Yisroel Pensack: Is Sarah Palin a Follower of American Economist Henry George?

According to an AP report in The New York Times:

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — Records show that Sarah Palin has not paid any property taxes on cabins that have been built on two backcountry plots partially owned by the former Alaska governor.

It’s unclear how long ago the structures were built, but records show that there are no tax assessments for the buildings. Property taxes were only paid on the land — and not the structures themselves.

The issue has attracted the attention of local tax officials who conducted a scheduled aerial survey of the property on Thursday.

Palin’s attorney, Thomas Van Flein, says it is not the responsibility of property owners to report structures that go up on their land. But local assessor Dave Dunivan says owners are required by state law to report any omissions or errors in their tax assessments.

It seems the former Republican vice presidential candidate is a follower of my hero, the American economist and social philosopher Henry George, author of Progress and Poverty and advocate of the single tax on land values irrespective of the value of improvements such as buildings or other structures.

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