Opt for refinancing to avoid foreclosure

Diana Perkins writes:

Financial decisions are the most important decisions that are to be taken in someone’s life. Usually smart financial decisions go beyond normal savings and periodic investments. Sometimes you are faced with tough decisions in order to improve your financial situation. Similarly, if you are a troubled homeowner and you need to improve your financial situation, opt for a mortgage refinance. It is one such aspect of your life that can breathe some life into your stagnant financial situation. Mortgage refinancing involves paying off your current mortgage by taking another loan. You enjoy more than one benefit by refinancing your mortgage. Have a look at some of them.

1) It offers lower interest rate: The biggest advantage of home refinance is that it comes with a considerably lower interest rate. Usually, homeowners have to carry a heavy mortgage payment every month. So homeowners are often in a look out for ways to reduce their monthly payments. The only way of accomplishing this goal is to opt for a refinance. As the interest rate on your loan reduces, automatically you are left with lower monthly payments.

2) You can switch from a fixed rate to an ARM: Mortgages are basically of two types. Fixed rate mortgages and adjustable rate mortgages. Refinancing your mortgage will also allow you to switch from a fixed rate mortgage to an adjustable rate mortgage. The adjustable rate mortgages (ARM) are the most cost effective when the interest rates are low. In contrast the fixed rate mortgages are a wiser option when the interest rates are high. You can run the risk of being subject to outrageous interest rates with an ARM. You can change the loan program type from a fixed rate mortgage to an ARM when the interest rates go down.

3) You can cut short the mortgage term: If you had taken a 30 year term fixed rate mortgage, then owning full equity on your home will take a long span of 30years. On the contrary refinancing your home allows you to cut short the duration of the mortgage for several years. This will enable you to own full home equity in approximately half the time. You can save thousands of dollars on your interest payments by paying off your mortgage before. But make sure you opt for this option only when you are sure that you can arrange the higher monthly payments.

4) You can access a huge amount of cash: The best part of mortgage refinancing is that it provides you with an opportunity to access a huge amount of cash. The equity that you have built over the years entitles you to this extra cash through cash-out refinancing. Refinancing is often called a best way of consolidating your debts. If you have a huge amount of unsecured debts then you can go for a refinance. You can use this extra cash from cash out refinancing for any purpose. You may use it to pay off credit card debts, home improvement, or for funding your children’s higher education.

In a nutshell, if you want to take some smart financial decisions and save your finances then mortgage refinance is perhaps the best option. Save the extra money on interest and build equity faster on your home through a refinance. Pay off your home loan in affordable monthly payments by taking advantage of mortgage refinancing.

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