The Fall Of Laurence Gluck II

I wrote a few months ago about the fall of real estate developer Laurence Gluck and the unhappy residents of the AQUA apartment complex at 4750 Lincoln Blvd, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292.

Aqua was formerly Marina Terrace & Archstone & Fiji Villas & Chateau Marina.

Now they are circulating this petition:

We, the undersigned, are residents of the apartment building located at 4750 Lincoln Blvd. and 132372 Fiji Way, Marina Del Rey, CA 90292 (collectively “Aqua” or “Residence) owned and managed by BRE Properties (“BRE”). Since BRE assumed ownership of Aqua, there have been ongoing problems rendering the Residence uninhabitable. These issues have been repeatedly brought to the attention of the management and resident customer service specialists who refuse to remedy any of the problems, which include but are not limited to the following:

* Dog feces & urine un-cleaned for weeks in hallways, stairwells and elevators. BRE refuses to clean the feces & urine in a timely manner and claims that it is the problem of the residents, not the management.
* Broken equipment in the gym. Despite being repeatedly warned of defective equipment including treadmills that short-circuit and stop in the middle of a workout, BRE refused to put up “broken” signs even after people were either injured or nearly injured when the treadmill abruptly stopped because they didn’t want prospective tenants to see the broken signs.
* Nonfunctional computer room. Neither the printer nor the fax machine has worked in over four months. Arm rail covering the chairs have been ripped off exposing jagged screws and staples, which cut people and snag their clothing.
* Elevators broken for over three weeks. Fiji has only one elevator from the lobby to the apartments. Disabled residents were trapped in their apartments because BRE refused to provide alternative accommodations.
* Beer bottles & cigarette butts cluttering hallways & stairwells for weeks.
* Trash chutes which overflow as high as the fourth floor.
* Broken mailboxes of which residents were not notified even though their mail was at the Venice post office where they had to physically retrieve it themselves.
* Packages left unattended for hours at front desk resulting in theft.
* Broken lobby door which gave access to transients and non-residents to the garage resulting in theft including bicycles and cars broken into.

Here are some unhappy comments:

I have lived at Aqua for two years and have never had any problems with the management until BRE came along. They are completely incompetent and NO NOT care about the tenants. All they care about is signing up new leasers. There are so many problems with both buildings that I have lost track of everything that has gone wrong. The problems never get fixed and they just nod their head and smile (on a good day) when you come in and complain in person (phone line is never answered..probably because they know it’s all angry tenants calling).
Here is just a brief list of everything that has gone wrong in the last MONTH:
-multiple broken elevators that did not pass inspection (remained broken for weeks despite “fixing” them)
-vandalized mailboxes resulting in no incoming mail (was notified of this by a POST-IT on the mailboxes written by management)
-dog feces and urine in elevators/hallways (also had a shopping cart sitting in the hallway for a week”)
-bikes stolen regularly
-homeless man sleeping in garage
-broken gym equipment (management refused to put up broken sign out of fear of scaring off potential leasers)
The list goes on….

And another comment:

The management is HORRIBLE. When you point out problems, instead of trying to fix them, they become extremely HOSTILE, RUDE AND DEFENSIVE. I told the manager of the building about dog urine in the stairwell over six times. You can tell it’s dog urine because of the awful smell and because it crusts yellow when it dries. It never got cleaned. For six weeks, the yellow dried urine wasn’t cleaned! Today, I went down and demanded that they clean it. Dogs urinate and poop where they’ve pooped before or where other dogs have poope/urinated which is why the same spot is peed and pooped on. Instead of offering to clean the spot, they accused me of “harrasing” them and claimed that I was yelling. Uh ok — except two residents both of whom have signed the petition were in the lobby at the time and will swear that they didn’t hear me raise my voice. The police were here a few weeks ago because bikes were stolen and cars broken into. I asked them if the thief had broken in. They said nope – the thief just walked in. The front door to the lobby in building 2 is broken so anyone can walk in at any time. Once you’re in the lobby, you can just stroll down to the garage without a key. Which is how the thief got in. And which is why a homeless man was living in the garage for some time apparently. The management is rude, hostile and lazy. Look for the petition. Every time I post it in the common areas, it is immediately torn down – which is ironic considering that they can’t be bothered to put broken signs of defective gym equipment (because they don’t want prospective tenants to see all the broken signs) and people have been injured as a result and it literally takes them months to follow up on a work order. One woman had mold in her apartment for the last four months. She complained everyday. It got so bad that she couldn’t talk because her throat was so raw. They still haven’t replaced her carpet so she’s been forced to live at her friends’ and relatives’ residences. If you’re in a common area, casually ask people if they are happy here. 99% of the time, the person will respond with a vehement NO and give you a litany of all the problems in the building – things that I wasn’t even aware of – RATS! Someone should be able to guide you to one of the people with the petition. or if you don’t have the time, email

Connie Moore makes about $2M a year at BRE.

This is another one of BRE’s buildings close Aqua. They share the same manager.

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