Why Did Bankers Extend Loans To Greece?

You’ve heard about all the austerity getting carried out in Greece? Well, not one public servant has been laid off in Greece.

It’s austerity for the private sector, but not for the government unions.

Sounds like California.

So far it sounds like this French and German bailout for Greece is really a bailout for French and German banks who were stupid enough to lend money to Greece.

Greece is only two percent of Europe’s economy so why does it matter if Greece defaults on its loans?

On his radio show today, Dennis Prager said: “Greece is not facing up to the origins of its problems.”

“I have some sympathy for the left in its antipathy to bankers. You know why bankers made bets on Greece? I don’t know on what basis.”

“There is no industry that I am aware of in which there is so little justice. There is no repercussion for what you do.”

“I’ve been broadcasting for 28 years. Every few years, I deliver the same sermon. Why are bankers not responsible people? Remember the loans they gave Latin America and how much crashed there?

“Why? Because it is very sexy to give loans. I don’t they asked if it is a wise move to lend Greece a lot of money.”

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