An Ethical Take On Mortgage News

Rabbi Brad Hirschfield has a video on the Washington Post about President Obama’s plans for the mortgage market.

The rabbi has no special expertise in the mortgage market. Instead, he’s evaluating the wording of recent business news.

The rabbi condemns Rick Perry’s remarks about the chairman of the Federal Reserve. If this is the tough talk that Americans like, then we as a nation are in trouble.

I’m impressed with the rabbi. I’ve not always been a big fan of Brad Hirschfield but here he shows common sense and good judgment.

After a fair discussion of Rick Perry’s remarks, Brad Hirschfield condemns what he said about the Federal Reserve.

From the Washington Post:

President Obama desires a continued strong role for federal government in home mortgages. But after months of waiting, there’s still no plan, just desire. What concrete plans should the President have and when should they be shared with the country? Is the President demonstrating sufficient leadership on this or any other economic issue?

Rick Perry did NOT accuse Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke of treason, but he came inappropriately close, not to mention using the term inaccurately. Perry went on to threaten Bernanke, suggesting that he would be treated “pretty ugly down in Texas”. Is any candidate who speaks this way fit for the Presidency?

Warren Buffett wants to pay more taxes. Do you? What about the just-released “Buffett Tax Plan” which would raise taxes on what Buffett calls the “super rich”? What is “super rich” and why is this plan materially different from what President Obama has suggested?

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