Burt Reynolds Defaults On His Mortgage

When I started paying attention to movies in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Burt Reynolds was a big star.

One of the first movies I ever saw in a theater (at age 16, I grew up a Seventh-Day Adventist, a church that forbade going to movies) was Sharky’s Machine, starring Burt Reynolds.

Burt has had drug addiction problems over the past 20 years and heart problems and extensive plastic surgery and he’s had a hard time getting acting work and now it looks like he’s losing his Florida mansion, bought with his ex-wife Loni Anderson.

Burt Reynolds is in financial distress because records indicate he has a second mortgage on the property with a different bank and this is for a million dollars. Poor Burt! At least he was married to Loni. Perhaps that is a consolation for him in his old age.

Burt married Loni in 1988. Then he left her in 1993 for cocktail waitress Pam Seals. I suspect that Pam was younger and hotter.

Burt says that Loni cheated on him first.

Here’s People magazine from 1993:

HE APPEARED, LOOKING MORE LIKE AN APPARITION from Madame Tussaud’s waxworks than a movie star—complexion wan, speech slurred, face puffy under a heavily applied mask of makeup, lip shorn of his familiar mustache. But he was there to set the record straight, and Burt Reynolds’s unsettling demeanor on the Aug. 24 telecast of ABC’s Good Morning America: Evening Edition was matched by the testimony he delivered. “I was so unhappy,” he said as he delved into his account of the abrupt end of his five-year marriage to Loni Anderson. Yes, he admitted, he had gotten involved with another woman—but only after becoming convinced that his wife had betrayed her marital vows. “I caught her cheating on me,” he told interviewer Chantal Westerman. “And so I just…I made a decision to call it off.” Anderson, he contended, was an underemployed actress suffering from low self-esteem who, he added, was not a good mother. He challenged her to join him and “take a sodium pentathol test”—to determine, he said, who cheated first. “If she wins, I will give her everything I own, including my ranch, my house, a lot of Western art she doesn’t want and her $13 million she was asking for. If I win, I get Quinton [the couple’s 5-year-old adopted son]. That’s all I want.”

…Neither story, however, turned out to be the absolute truth. Just weeks after his initial statement to the Enquirer, Reynolds admitted that he had been carrying on a two-year affair with 37-year-old Pam Seals, the cocktail-lounge manager at Malio’s restaurant in Tampa. “Burt is every woman’s dream as a lover,” Seals told the Enquirer (for $150,000, reportedly donated to charity). “He’s considerate and gentle and more than any woman could ask for.”

…The couple’s kitchen incompatibility evidently earned over to the bedroom; their sexual relationship seems to have ended long ago. Reynolds says the cause was his discovery that Anderson was having affairs (at least four, according to one tabloid claim). Anderson angrily denies the charge, declaring, “I have never looked at another man.” But 29-year-old Terry Warren—a former Florida State University football player and aspiring actor who became a Reynolds protégé after Burt heard him singing the national anthem at a 1987 FSU game—says differently. According to Warren, Reynolds invited him to move into his Florida ranch—and later his California home—where Warren acted as Anderson’s escort on shopping trips or to the theater. Over the course of three years, until Warren left in 1991, he says Anderson tried repeatedly to seduce him. “I never gave in to Loni’s advances,” Warren told the Enquirer. “But Burl became suspicious his wife and I were sleeping together—and he threw me out like yesterday’s newspaper.”

,,,As Reynolds himself conceded in his Good Morning America interview, rumors about his sexual preferences have been making the rounds in Hollywood for years. His debilitating bout with TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder) was falsely attributed to AIDS, and there has been conjecture that even his current cooperation with the tabloids was a response to journalistic blackmail. “I have had so many things said about me,” he said during his GMA interview. “I’ll get up from this too.”

Despite his attempt to laugh off the gossip, says one friend, “he is afraid that rumors like that will ruin his career.” His buddies are quick to quash the speculation of homosexuality. “Thai’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard,” says Bernie Little, a Lakeland, Florida-based beer distributor and longtime friend of the couple’s. “Burt is a man’s man. He’s just a country boy from Florida who likes boiled peanuts. There’s one thing he is, and he isn’t a [homosexual].”

I loved Burt in Deliverance! That was some movie.

Burt has had nothing but health problems the last few years.

And this house in question he’s defaulting on? It has lost half of its value in the past three years.

In 2009, Burt checked himself into rehab for pain pills due to back pain.

In 2010, Burt had extensive heart surgery.

The life of Hollywood stars is so painful.

The Daily Mail reports today: Burt Reynolds, once one of Hollywood’s highest-paid stars, faces eviction from his Florida home after failing to pay the mortgage.
The 75-year-old actor is being taken to court after claims he has failed to make a payment on his waterfront mansion for almost a year.
Lawyers for Merrill Lynch have asked a judge to sell the £1.4million house, set in 4.5 acres, so they can recover the £700,000 the bank says it is owed.

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