The Occupy Wall Street Crowd

Dennis Prager writes: “So when I see the mostly young people of Occupy Wall Street — a mixture of the bored, the nihilistic, the seekers of excitement, the left-wing true believers, the confused idealists and those hoping to engage in violence — railing against the rich capitalists on Wall Street, I get worried. Because the hatred they express toward the rich is similar to that expressed against the rich by Stalin, Mao and Pot Pot. Of course, these people are not comparable to those killers. But class hatred must lead to bad things. That is why President Obama is playing with fire with his attacks on the rich.”

From Dennis Prager, Oct. 17: “Prager H1: Why is hatred of class different than hatred of race? Dennis asks why the left will so denounce hatred based on race, but then preach hatred based on class. Callers respond.”

Joseph Stalin murdered about 30 million people on the basis of economic class. The Nazis murdered on the basis of race.

The Ukrainians (because they owned land) lost over five million to the terror famine of Stalin.

Why is classism ok? Murder and hatred on the basis of class? That’s what Pol Pot did, murdering about two million Cambodians in the 1970s.

Dennis: “The president has been engaged in this. Our problems are caused by Wall Street. Our problems are caused by the rich not paying their fair share. If your mom can’t get the surgery she needs, you can blame the rich. If somebody got up and said you can blame the Jews or the blacks or the Albanians or Muslims, then the person would be drummed out of American public life. But you can blame the rich. And given the history of genocidal results… You’re rich. You are the source of my problem. I graduated college and I don’t have a job. It’s your fault, you rich expletive. This is classic left-wing rhetoric. You are the source of our problems. That’s what the Ukrainians were told by Stalin. These kulaks own land. If not for them, we would all be equal. We would all be employed if it were not for the rich. If there’s a difference between these two hatreds (one of race, one of class, I’d like to know it.”

“Until I went to college, I never knew I should be envious or resentful of my neighbor. The left teaches you to hate the rich.”

“The president didn’t do this at the beginning. This is desperate stuff to win the left.”

“Give me one movement in history that blamed its problems on the rich and then solved them. Did good for society?”

“That there is no occupy the Barney Frank office, no occupy the Clinton Center movement. Bill Clinton is more responsible than Wall Street for what happened because of his enforcement of the CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) so that banks have to give loans [to politically connected minorities with poor credit]. Yet Bill Clinton says to blame Wall Street. You can see on Youtube Barney Frank deny that Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae were in trouble.”

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