New Homes for Sale in London in 2013

London has the distinction of being one of the liveliest cities of the world. It is a hub of activities and hundreds of thousands of people dream of spending their lives in London. As a result, property is scarce in this city and you may have to compete with the wealthiest and the most famous people of the world to acquire a London property.

In 2013, however, there will be some respite in this scenario. Barratt Developments, a leading name in London property market, has obtained two brand sites that plans to offer 1000 new homes to potential buyers. Given below are the reasons why the projects are exciting-

1. The Location of the New Projects

The location of your future home is a significant detail that needs to be just right. You do not want to end up at an obscure locale that makes commuting difficult. Nor do you want a home that with unhygienic neighborhoods. With Barratt Developments’ new projects, you would not have to worry about settling at a horrible location.

The officers-in-charge for these projects confirm that these new homes will be located in the prime areas of Southwark and Surrey Quays, respectively.

2. The Investment

The total estimated value of the project is approximately £400 million. This generous amount would ensure that the inhabitants of these housing projects get the best amenities, and luxuries, which modern living has to offer. For instance, the projected 670 piece of Surrey Quays will house a majority of private homes. In addition to these, a sprawling retail space is also being designed, at the location.

Similarly, the 400 units of the Southwark project would have sufficient parking space and a large number of affordable homes. At this place also, you can also expect some sort of market space to be developed.

3. The Precedence

Barratt Developments is one of the fastest growing homebuilders in London city. They have the experience and the expertise that is necessary for executing top-notch housing projects. Recently, the company was in the news for acquiring a posh site, in Central London. They wish to keep up the good work, and a large number of other developments are also in their cards.

The company is especially known for undertaking projects in the highly sought-after Zone 1, and Zone 2, of London. They are also spread across other regions of the United Kingdoms. It is their London projects, however, which are the hot favorites of all those people, who want to acquire affordable homes in the city.

The scramble for a London home never ceases and since long, prospective Londoners have bemoaned the absence of more estates and properties in this busy city. Although housing developers make a concerted effort to increase the number of London properties every year, they sell like hot cakes the moment they are listed.

With the new projects of Barratts Developments, however, you can expect to get a step closer to your dream London home. Check out this great site to know more about this exciting development, and keep abreast with your dream of a London home.

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