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The Bailout Will Fail

Economist Paul Craig Roberts writes on VDare: Every example of deregulation that the New York Times editorial provides is located in the Clinton Administration and the George W. Bush administration. I was a member of the Reagan administration. We most … Continue reading

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Behind The Mortgage Bail-Out

From Boston.com: Congressional leaders and the Bush administration were moving last night toward creating a federal authority to buy troubled mortgages and mortgage-backed securities in the hope of ending the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Paulson said the … Continue reading

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Slamming Mortgage Related Debt Products

CHICAGO (Reuters) – Analysts at Standard & Poor’s Rating Services warned against mortgage-related debt products in internal e-mails that, in one case, called the complex financial deals "ridiculous," the Wall Street Journal reported in its weekend edition. The Journal cited … Continue reading

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Rating Agencies Under Fire For The Lousy Way They Evaluated Mortgage Debt

FROM FT.com: The big rating agencies have agreed to change the way they charge for credit ratings in the mortgage-backed securities market to prevent “ratings shopping”, where only the highest ratings on a deal are selected and paid for. The … Continue reading

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