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Bank Of America Pushes More Into Foreclosure

Bank of America has been harder hit by the mortgage crisis than any other bank. Only Wells Fargo comes close with a disproportionate share of their assets coming from mortgages. As Bank of America tries to clean up its mortgage … Continue reading

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The Coming Foreclosure Wave

It looks like the rate of foreclosures is going to get worse, putting more downward pressure on home prices and increasing the number of mortgage foreclosures and the vicious cycle repeats. After much examination of their foreclosure processes, the big … Continue reading

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We Are Two Years Into The Mortgage Crisis

The flood of defaults and evictions hasn’t slowed. It’s only getting worse. Legislators want to do something. Many of their plans will cost a lot of money and reward inefficient economic behavior. In the first quarter of this year, 800,000 … Continue reading

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Mortgages & Retirement

From indystar.com: The headline read: "Mortgages No Longer a Stigma in Retirement." Baby boomers, the survey revealed, are in no rush to pay off their mortgages. There was a time when people would throw parties to celebrate being released from … Continue reading

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CA Congresswoman Defaults On House?

From the San Jose Mercury News: Richardson, a Southern California Democrat, bought a two-story home in a leafy, upper-middle class neighborhood of Sacramento in January 2007, just months after winning a seat in the state Assembly. Property records on file … Continue reading

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