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Mortgage Interest Rates Hit Record Lows

With the economy in the doldrums, demand for mortgage loans weak, the home market staggering, banks have reduced mortgage interest rates to record lows. This has had a mild effect on the housing market, preventing home prices from falling further. … Continue reading

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Credit Crunch Ending

Banks are now lending money to people who’ve defaulted on their homes. Loans for people with good credit scores are increasingly easy to obtain. Credit card offers are going out in the mail again. I’ve even received a few. In … Continue reading

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Refinancing Flood

Interest rates are down (to about 5.5% on 30 year mortgages). Refinances are up. Federal aid is flowing in to spur lending. Eventually, these lower rates will spur home sales. Might turn this whole housing slump around. Here are some … Continue reading

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