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The Case For The ARM

Thirty year fixed rate mortgages are increasingly difficult to get and frankly they don’t always make sense. ARMs are often a better deal for certain people. Al Heavens writes: Fixed mortgage rates remain below 5 percent, and these days fewer … Continue reading

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Low Demand For Mortgage Loans

How are you going to take out a mortgage loan if you don’t have a job? Or you fearing losing your job? Or your hours and benefits are getting cut back. People are scared. I know I am scared. I … Continue reading

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FHA Going Broke

I expect they’ll ask for a massive government bailout. Politicians will keep using the FHA to subsidize homeowners risky decisions to buy more home than they can afford. I expect the FHA will keep guaranteeing mortgages with low down payments. … Continue reading

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The Rush To Refinance

Mortgage rates are at their lowest in decades. Those with good credit and high home values are rushing to refinance and lock in these low rates. Over the past two months, home loan fixed rates have declined 1.5%. The Federal … Continue reading

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