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What’s The Good Of Lower Interest Rates?

People are squeezed. They don’t have much capacity for taking on more debt. So what’s the good of lower interest rates? Typical middle-class families face rising costs and stable incomes. They’re making do by taking on debt. What pushes people … Continue reading

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Fox News Vs. Barney Frank

From Media Matters: During the October 5 Fox News special Saving Our Economy, chief White House correspondent Brett Baier repeated or failed to challenge numerous false assertions about the role of affordable housing initiatives in the financial crisis and Democratic … Continue reading

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Rescue Package Not Enough

The Center for American Progress posts: This in turn allows businesses, individuals, and state and local governments to sustain borrowing again, thus avoiding job losses, missed paychecks, and empty store shelves as businesses face cash shortfalls. 2. The Treasury uses … Continue reading

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Refinance Questions

From the Freep.com: I’d like to refinance to a lower rate. REICHEL: It’s not impossible to finance or refinance. It’s really dependent on credit score, whether you have equity in the home. ANDERSON: I don’t see any way in a … Continue reading

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UK’s Mortgage Swap Plan

From Reuters: LONDON, May 16 (Reuters) – The Bank of England reiterated on Friday its mortgage swap plan has no upper limit and refused to forecast any final total after media said banks could exchange assets worth well above the … Continue reading

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Central Banks Consider Buying Mortgages

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — The U.S. Federal Reserve and some of its European counterparts are talking about the practicality of using public money to buy large quantities of mortgage-backed assets to clean up the credit mess jeopardizing global economic growth, … Continue reading

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