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As If Mortgage Insurance Companies Didn’t Have Enough Problems

Now they’re getting sued for not providing adequate maternity leave. I say leave these questions to the free market. Nobody is forced to work for a mortgage insurance company. If somebody does’t like the maternity benefits, they can get another … Continue reading

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Bleak Profit Outlook For PMI

From the AP: Fitch placed the "AA" insurer financial strength rating of Genworth Mortgage Insurance Corp. and its affiliates on watch for possible downgrade. Fitch downgraded the IFS rating of MGIC Investment Corp.’s mortgage insurance subsidiary Mortgage Guaranty Insurance Corp. … Continue reading

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Lenders Raise Mortgage Requirements

From Holden Lewis: Mortgage insurers require higher credit scores and bigger down payments than they did a month or two ago. Most buyers can still get home loans, but some find themselves pushed out of the private mortgage insurance, or … Continue reading

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Mortgage Default Jump

CHICAGO -(Dow Jones) – Home loans reported as delinquent to a mortgage insurer trade group surged in April, when a major home lender tightened up its policy for reporting past-due mortgages. The Mortgage Insurance Companies of America said Friday that … Continue reading

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