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Reducing The Size Of Federally Guaranteed Loans

Awkwardly and inconsistently, the federal government is reducing its role in the mortgage market. This will make some traditional mortgages, particularly jumbo mortgages, impossible to obtain. It will make the remaining mortgages more expensive and more demanding to obtain. Overall, … Continue reading

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What Is A Reverse Mortgage Default?

It’s not easy to default on your reverse mortgage. You simply have to keep up your property. Pay the taxes. Pay the homeowners insurance. But if you can’t do these simple things, your reverse mortgage goes into default. Report: Reverse … Continue reading

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Cash Poor?

A common way to get some financial liquidity is to take out a home equity line of credit. With many investments earning less, many seniors are considering taking out reverse mortgages or the like. Other options include tapping your life … Continue reading

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What’s Next After The Bailout?

Congresswoman Linda T. Sanchez blogs: Today I am still asking why our laws allow the wealthy who own second and third homes, or even yachts, to renegotiate terms on their mortgages in bankruptcy, while those who own only one home … Continue reading

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Regulating Loan Originators

From investmentnews: The long-awaited housing bailout bill, which President Bush signed into law last week, takes a bold step toward clamping down on fraud and abuse in the troubled mortgage industry by mandating that all loan originators be licensed and … Continue reading

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Mortgage Rates Fall

We now have the lowest rates in a month. Experts say rates should head up from here. CNNMoney reports: Rates on fixed-rate mortgages dropped sharply in the past week, after the Federal Reserve took several historic steps to shore up … Continue reading

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