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Regulating Reverse Mortgages

This New York Times editorial is upset about unwary consumers being prey to unscrupulous lenders. So what is the solution? More government intervention. More government regulation. The number of reverse mortgages is growing every year as senior citizens need cash … Continue reading

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PMI Abuse

Dale Mayer writes in The Home Mortgage Book: PMI is also a hot issue that has been addressed through litigation because it was often abused by unscrupulous lenders. Today a lender must explain to you at closing how to cancel … Continue reading

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Mortgage Fraud

From Bizjournals.com: The FBI says the Twin Cities is among the 10 worst areas of the United States for mortgage fraud, according to a report in the Star Tribune. The agency is in the process of conducting dozens of criminal … Continue reading

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John McCain’s Mortgage Bailout Plan

The Los Angeles Times reports on McCain’s plan to  help "well-meaning, deserving homeowners who are facing foreclosure" . The Republican nominee called for a Justice Department investigation into possible "criminal wrongdoing" by unscrupulous lenders. How efficiently can the government determine … Continue reading

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